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Kiev. Craniosacral therapy-1. New set.

KIEV. Craniosacral therapy-1. Brain skull.

Introduction to Osteopathy

All-Ukrainian public organization "OSTEOPATHY UKRAINE",

East European School of Osteopathy

Craniosacral therapy. New set. Kiev

        Basic seminar, available to everyone, the program will allow you to master the 10-step protocol. Formation of groups for people without medical education is possible. # Nbsp;
      Before the start of the seminar, you will receive materials, the required minimum knowledge of the topographic anatomy of the craniosacral system.
          At the seminar you will learn and master:
Principles and philosophy of osteopathy.
Palpation and perception skills.
Ready protocol of work.
Accompanying and training students.
Safety techniques.

          This workshop will cover the craniosacral mechanism, the biomechanics of the skull and sacrum, the craniomandibular system and its effect on posture, the Upleger 10-step protocol, and the basics of perception and palpation. The material of the seminars is selected in such a way that even people without medical education can understand everything and master the necessary minimum.

Seminar program   "Craniosacral therapy - 1. Introduction to osteopathy":
The main directions of world medicine.
History of craniosacral therapy
Still's special principle that makes his teaching inimitable.
Anatomy of the craniosacral system.
Left and right hemispheres, openness of consciousness, participation of the therapist.
PALPATION is the main tool of a specialist.
Grounding in space, mental grounding.
Methods for listening to the skull.
ATLANTA editing.
Fascia structure and histology.
Aperture correction.
DEMONSTRATION of treatment of 5 diaphragms.
The protocol is 10-step.
Professional ecology.

The aim of osteopathic workshops is to prepare the specialist to use structural protocols. The use of these protocols will allow a specialist to independently learn for several months:
Find osteopathic damage on your own.
Have an effect on osteopathic damage.
Get positive dynamics after the first procedures.
Have a guarantee of the safety of your impact.
To develop palpation sensitivity in different ranges of the structure amplitude. Moreover, the amplitude ranges are studied only physiological and for a particular patient.
"We do not teach to show miracles, we teach to help people !!"

The cost # nbsp; seminar - 7000 UAH.

  Seminar conducts:
Roman Erokhov # nbsp; - orthopedic traumatologist, craniosacral therapist, osteopath, visceral therapist.

Kiev, BC TP Center, st. Vasilkovskaya, 34, office. 216-g

  The cost of the program includes:
- coffee breaks
- handouts
- official certificate

  Sign up for training:
The number of places in the group is limited!
Pre-registration is required!

+38 (095) 870-33-33 Vera
+38 (067) 769-19-20 Anna