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Visceral osteopathy. Level 3: pelvic organs.

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invite everyone to a scientific and practical seminar on the topic:

Visceral osteopathy. Level 3: pelvic organs.


      The seminar is part of a full training cycle for a visceral therapist, part of a general program in the direction of "Osteopathy" and is suitable for gynecologists, therapists, urologists and rehabilitation therapists as auxiliary recovery techniques to supplement the current medical appointment.

  Program of the seminar "Visceral osteopathy - 3" in Kiev:
Anatomy and physiology of the pelvic organs: uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, rectum, bladder, prostate. Osteopathic methods of correction of dysfunctions of these organs. Douglas space: its meaning and osteopathic methods of its release.
The influence of the pelvic diaphragm on the functioning of the pelvic organs. Osteopathic methods for correcting weakness and hypertonicity of the pelvic diaphragm.
Myoma of the uterus. Osteopathic treatments.
Ovarian cyst. Osteopathic treatments.
Secondary infertility. Osteopathic treatments.
Adhesions in the small pelvis. Osteopathic treatments.
BPH. Osteopathic treatments.
Twisted pelvis. Osteopathic methods of correction. # Nbsp;
Postpartum correction of the pelvis using osteopathic methods.

The cost # nbsp; seminar - 7000 UAH.

  Seminar conducts:
Roman Erokhov # nbsp; (D.O., Ph.D.) # Nbsp;   - osteopathic doctor, candidate of medical sciences, specialist in psychosomatics and hypnotherapy.

Kiev, BC TP Center, st. Vasilkovskaya, 34, office. 216-g

  The cost of the program includes:
- coffee breaks
- handouts
- official certificate

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The number of places in the group is limited!
Pre-registration is required!

+38 (095) 870-33-33 Vera
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