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presents the seminar:

Osteopathic treatment of children (craniosacral and other dysfunctions)

          Osteopathic treatment is very mild, physiological, therefore it is well tolerated by children and has practically no negative side effects. Osteopathy considers a person as a whole. This means that any local disturbance forms chains of disturbances in other systems and organs, therefore, the whole organism must be treated, and not individual symptoms. Acting on the entire body (musculoskeletal system, internal organs, bones of the skull, sacrum and brain structures (craniosacral system), blood vessels), osteopathy significantly improves the general condition.
According to the data of osteopathic associations from different countries, up to 90% of children receive birth injuries, which in most cases are not diagnosed due to insignificant symptoms, but can have an inhibitory effect on the child's development and create problems for him for the rest of his life. These violations can be identified and eliminated in several sessions by an osteopath.

This workshop is specially designed for:
✅ children's masseurs;
✅ children's rehabilitation therapists;
Osteopaths and craniosacral therapists, providing child care.
👆It contains all the techniques and features of the children's reception.
👆Indications for the use of techniques and protocols for each individual violation.
👆Treatment of craniosacral.
👆Treatment of intraosseous dysfunctions.
👆Treatment of the consequences of birth trauma.
👆Mild osteopathic effect on disorders and consistency in the correction of dysfunctions.

Program of the seminar "Osteopathic treatment of children" in Kiev:
Deformation of the skull. Variants of deformities of the skull bones in infants. Causes of the deformation of the skull.
Osteopathic examination of a child with head deformity.
Body structures that affect the bones of the skull.
Preparing to work with the skull. Techniques for releasing the underlying muscle, ligamentous, articular and visceral levels of the body.
Working with individual parts of the skull.
Global techniques on the skull. Benefits of global techniques for working with children.
Recommendations for parents. Prevention of head deformation.
Deformation of the chest in childhood. Types of deformation of the sternum, ribs.
Osteopathic examination of a child with chest deformity.
Mobilization techniques and intraosseous release of the sternum, ribs.
Deformity of the legs in childhood. Types of deformities in the lower limbs.
Osteopathic examination of a child with leg deformity.
Work with the lower leg.
Anatomy and physiology of the lacrimal canal. Blockage of the lacrimal canal.
Osteopathic examination of a child with obstruction of the lacrimal canal.
Techniques for freeing the lacrimal canal.
Umbilical cord entanglement. Causes, prevention.
Osteopathic examination of a child who had an umbilical cord entwined around the neck.
Working with a child who had an umbilical cord entwined around his neck.
Abnormal presentation of the fetus. Prevention and correction of body asymmetry in an infant.
Muscular and cranial torticollis. Prevention and correction of torticollis.
Examination and principles of work with infants after applying vacuum and forceps after childbirth.
Questions about the material covered.

After completing the seminar, you will have in your arsenal:
diagnostics and soft osteopathic techniques for working with dysfunctions in infants;
  protocols verification tests of elimination of violations;
clear algorithm for conducting a child's reception;
understanding what you can handle and what you cannot;
resolution of many common diagnoses by osteopathic methods.

The cost # nbsp; seminar - 7000 UAH. For students # EESHO discount - 1000 UAH.

  Seminar conducts:
Roman Erokhov # nbsp; (D.O., Ph.D.) - osteopathic doctor, candidate of medical sciences, specialist in psychosomatics and hypnotherapy.

  The cost of the program includes:
- coffee breaks
- handouts
- official certificate of the East European School of Osteopathy

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